We perish due to lack of knowledge

I have been here this evening reflecting on the last three weeks which have been intense involving a lot of studying and doing practicals but fruitful. I have just concluded LATINA (learning and teaching in a digital world) summer course and am looking at how beneficial its for this generation to go digital. You may have all the digital gadgets but if you do not know how to use them then they are useless to you. you may be having internet all the time but if you do not use it creatively then you will never know what is happening in the digital world.

It’s after attending this course that my eyes are now wide open that a lot is taking place in the clouds. There are so many sites and software free  of charge that can solve people’s challenges. so for anyone who has been using the internet for only few thing like socializing, try to go deeper in digital technology a lot is happening. Your life will be simplified and creativity will penetrate your vessels and finally you will be called someone knowledgeable. Enjoy as you start stretching yourself beyond what you know in the digital world.


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