Concrete digital teaching module

This is a preparation of digital learning material to be used by internet users. Many people may say that digital teaching modules are similar to eportfolios but am seeing a very big difference and at the end the module am designing, I will be able to blog the difference. The main focus is to make concrete basics known to anyone who can access the internet especially those, new to this field of civil engineering like students in upper secondary schools or vocational institutes or universities or any interested party. I can say this is an informal education on the web. When this becomes successful, then I can create more digital learning modules in different subjects of my specialization and interest. You can even keeping on checking it as am editing the concrete teaching module. Also many educators who are interested in joining the digital technology world can have a starting point.  The main aim is to make this internet based module user friendly by keeping web pages as brief as possible, inserting in photos, photo stories, videos, power point presentations, reference documents and audios; but bringing out the real meaning of concrete. I strive to make webpages shorter but sweeter and attractive to my audience. One of the interesting part is that I made for myself a photo story on types of concrete and a video on the uses of concrete. I hear amateur videos and photo story telling  but what matters is to pass on my ideas to the audience. As an educator I can pass on the message I want to convey to my audience. As I design the web pages of this teaching module, I work on the laptop and cross check with the iPhone and iPad to see how it will look like.

The language of communication is simplified such that people who are not familiar with civil engineering terminologies can follow and understand what concrete is all about. The main idea is to simplify the language such that all people are catered for globally. To many, English is not their first or second language of communication. As google translator is becoming better and better I anticipate that this module will be read in so many languages. If you have google chrome installed on your computer you can read this module in any language of your choice. Some of the words which are so technical and may not have a simplified word to replace them, I had to use a footnote and try to explain them. You can check at the the end of this webpage and see how I dealt with the term admixture. I inserted a link in the footnote such that someone who is interested in further knowing admixture can click on the link and read further.

Words are helpful in putting across a message you would like the web users to read. It’s very important to note that the words we use in the message we are putting forward should be short, attractive and in simple language. This should be taken very serious because you may find that over 50% of the web users who visit your webpage are not familiar with your profession but would like to know something. The style of delivering messages to the web users should change, it should mainly focus on solving problems and not going deeper into philosophy. Web users are more interested in learning concepts, basic principles and facts.

In this knowledge based economy we see that using internet or keeping information in the cloud is becoming more and more part of our daily routine. The sharing of information and using the same material by many users throughout the globe is one of the best achievements in the knowledge economy. Printing of tonnes and tonnes of materials on paper and placing them in libraries for people to read is becoming less and less. This is good news to environmental conservatives like me because forests are going to be spared, creating a friendly environment. Not forgetting removing mountains of printed documents from libraries; and replacing them with discussion tables and computers.

I read digital portfolios training module and found it useful; also eportfolio mash up with Google Apps  and eportfolios with Google Apps.


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