Google sites

I have a task of coming up with a digital teaching module this Autumn 2012. Am supposed to make it attractive to the web users and it should be available on the web to be accessed by whoever has a link. In this teaching module, I should have different web pages; embed documents, links, videos and photos. The name of this teaching module is concrete technology  trying to explain the basics of concrete but targeting web users.  I tried to use Google document but it looked like printed paper document. So when I used Google sites got the results I wanted. You can look at the link of concrete teaching module and comment. Using Google sites has helped me a lot because it’s user friendly, free, it’s simple, just login using my gmail account, can be edited at any time.

Googlesites is a free structured web page creation tool offered by Google. The digital teaching module has been prepared using Google site, it is very simple, easy and affordable. It only requires you to open up an account with Google (gmail).  The moment you have your gmail account just open and you will be able to login into the site and start creating pages. With digital teaching module I created using Google sites, I can control who to view it either public to be seen by everyone or provide a link. Much as it has some limitations but people can use it to publish web pages such that when they upgrade can overcome such limitations. There are other free web hosting services like webnode, webs, edicy and others.

In the google site web pages you can embed documents, links, videos, and photos.

The video below briefly explains how to create a Google site

I found google sitesMary Fran’s Google Sites Tutorial and Radford University Video Tutorials on YouTube very helpful.


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