Latina summer course 2012

In summer 2012, attended latina summer course organised by latina lab, HIOA.  LATINA stands for learning and teaching in a digital world. Latina is part of Oslo and Akershus University College of applied sciences. This program was organised for  three (3) weeks and attended by 20 participants.  Participants mainly came from China, Canada, Netherlands, Morocco, Slovenia and Uganda. From Uganda it was me and my other 2 colleagues (Gilbert and Wycliff). What helped us to attend this summer course is that we were already here in Norway working. Otherwise it would be  very expensive to come from Uganda to attend such important courses. This course has been so beneficial to me in that it has opened to me another world (digital technology). The knowledge I got just in 3 weeks, is so valuable to me in that am using it now and going to keep on using it for the rest of my life. The deeper I go into digital technology the interesting it becomes. Could digital world be the world flowing with milk and honey? In this knowledge economy I recommend everyone to go deeper in understanding digital technology. Latina summer course is just an eye opener beyond it lies vast knowledge.  After attending this course I now realize that we perish due to lack of knowledge. What makes people smarter is the knowledge they hold. Learning how to use smartphones, iPad, iPod, computers, smart-boards in teaching and learning was new to me.

Topics covered included among others:-

  • digital photo story
  • movie making
  • online resources
  • making ebooks using grabmybook and sigil
  • photo editing using picasa
  • mind map

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