Mind map

Recently I have been working on a task writing about how to carryout grading test of sand in a laboratory. I have done this test in the laboratory and guided students on doing the same test so many times. I could demonstrate this test in the laboratory to students in one hour and give them instructions but I had never gone deeper in writing the details of these instructions. So in this task I was supposed to write all the details involved in this test.

I thought the test procedures would be very easy since am aware of what it involves but to my surprise, I was shocked that there was a lot of points to be included. By the end of of it when I tried to produce the table of contents, it was messy messy as seen here. So I came up with an idea of presenting the table of contents using mind map. A mind map is where you have a an idea or title as starting point, link it to different subtitles, link the subtitle to different sub-subtitles and so on. Mind maps can be used in different way like solving a problem at hand, building a team and so on.

The first thing I did was to create the document using Google docs which automatically generated for me the table of content.

The next step was to decide on how to create the mind map, either by drawing, or using Microsoft word, or using mind mapping software like freeplane, wise mapping wikkawiki, freemind and others. I chose to use freemind mind map software because it could bring out my ideas well. Freemind is an open source software which can be used or downloaded by anybody freely.

With the freemind software installed on my computer, the next step was to open it and start feeding in the title, subtitle and so on into the various link basing on the table of content already created. After creating the mind map, then I had to export it in various formats like pdf, jpg image, svg.

The mind map I created is as seen here

below is an image showing the mind map




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