when I attended LATINA (learning and teaching in a digital world) summer course was introduced to what an ebook is and got interested in it. I enjoy reading ebooks using tablets, smartphones and ordinary computers.

I wished if could also turn some of my documents into an ebook. During the summer study we were supposed to do a project and as a group we made an ebook. Got more interested in making more ebooks so thought of  going an extra mile of learning how to make ebooks.

If you are wondering what an ebook is, it’s just a digital document prepared to be read by people using ipads, ipods, smartphones and computers.

Recently I have been working on a specific task describing in details how to determine grading of sand test in a laboratory. This is a civil engineering test performed on sand to look at how diameters particles of sand are distributed between range of 5mm – 0.063mm. I have done this test in the laboratory since 2003 and teaching students on how to carry it out but I had never taken time to write all the details of this test.

The document was first prepared by taking notes on paper; then turned it into a Microsoft document; then as seen here into google document . After coming up with this document, I embarked on turning it into an ebook.

I created the ebook using Sigil open software by:

  • copying and pasting in the Sigil page,
  • edited the pasted document,
  • Assigned the headings to different layers in order to come up with the table of content,
  • inserting links, images, and videos.

When it came to images, the images from google document couldn’t be pasted in the sigil software so I had to insert them separately. So all images to be placed in the sigil software have to be edited before transferring them to sigil software because images can’t be edited inside sigil software.

Another challenge I encountered was inserting videos in the sigil software such that when someone is reading the ebook can watch the video on the same page without moving away from that same page. So for the videos to be viewed in an ebook created using sigil software, a link has to be created and someone has to be connected to the internet. This becomes a challenge where someone has to read the ebook and there is no internet.

After I went through that, the ebook was finally ready to be viewed and this is a copy of the ebook.

As a teacher, learner and researcher, I find reading ebooks using tablets, smartphones and ordinary computers more convenient than reading plain documents. Many of my clients (students) are interested in using digital gadgets and my task is to find ways of reaching them so that I can serve them well. So learning how to turn my work into ebooks will help me reach as many of my clients as possible.


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