Learning how to reflect on my experiences

In science, reflections are the changes in the direction of waves, which occurs as a wave strikes an object and then travels back through the same medium it came from.

Right now as am writing this blog, I have a mirror in front of me. Since a mirror is reflective, I can clearly see how I look like. Seeing clearly the details of me especially the head. I can see the hair on my head, yeah still short no need of trimming it now but shouldn’t exceed 2 weeks. The beard still okay but over the weekend I have to shave it. I can see how nice the spectacles looks on me. I can even open my mouth and see the details. So I can look at myself in the mirror, see the outward appearance of me. Then point out where change is needed and where its not needed.  Then finally, after writing this blog will open my door and present myself to the world to look at me and judge my appearance. Without this mirror, I wouldn’t know how I look like.

In the Autumn 2012, Tord advised me to write reflections on my internship work. Now to confess the truth all along in my life I have been fearing or shying away from writing reflections not even do I have a diary for keeping my daily records. So the first thing that came into my mind was that, what I feared most has come on me. All along been deceiving myself, giving lame excuses of how scientists are poor at writing reflections. My consolation has always been at making sketches, drawings, performing experiments in the laboratory, writing brief scientific reports and so on.

 I wrote a summary of my experiences on the internship work so far done in Latina laboratory, gave it to Tord to comment on my reflections. He read through and we started discussing. Realized that what I called reflections was just a summary of the work am doing. So I understood that reflecting on my experiences is not all about summarizing experiences but rather to analyze them in a personal way; pointing out the positive and negative aspects. It is like you reading this blog and at the end of it all, you comment on it in the comment box telling me your opinion about this blog, the strengths and weaknesses about it.

My observation is that to reflect on my experiences, I have to think, meditate, allow my inner ideas or feelings to flow out and finally blog them. At times am busy busy or lazy lazy to write my reflections. Sometimes I fear to bring out my opinion on a topic. But in this knowledge based economy, I have to reflect on my personal experiences in order to produce original information. Or else I will be thinking  about the 4 Ps (Pick or copy, Paste, Publish and Partying). Please get me right, work without partying makes Luwalaga dull. So I have to enjoy this short life.

If I will always go an extra mile and reflect on whatever I do, eventually I will produce original information full of my personal experiences. One thing I believe in, is that all human beings, harbor knowledge needed in this knowledge economy. If everyone brings that harbored knowledge out, we shall be in position to solve all the challenges we are facing globally.

Have you been reflecting on your daily activities? Would you like to start? You can start by reflecting on this blog then embark on reflecting your work. Let me also read Google apps reflection, and reflect on it.

Point to remember, always when writing reflections keys things to focus on are: ‘think about the experience’, ‘measure’, ‘judge’, ‘bend back’, ‘meditate’, ‘critique’.


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